This Week on perl5-porters (28th October / 3rd November 2002)

This Week on perl5-porters (28th October / 3rd November 2002)

This week's summary features UTF8 and locale incompatibility problems, discovered on RedHat 8, but pertaining to UTF8 locales ; various bugs fixed ; various bugs discovered ; the // operator reappearing shortly ; and a new way to consider goto harmful.

Problems with RedHat 8

Paul Marquess reported that the test suite for Compress::Zlib fails on the newest RedHat 8.0. This problem is due to a string holding binary data which, once written to a file, gets apparently corrupted.

Gurusamy Sarathy pointed out that marking the output filehandle with binmode() solves the problem. In fact, RedHat 8's default configuration apparently use UTF-8 locales, which are recognized by perl 5.8.0. Gurusamy quoted the appropriate paragraph from the perldelta manpage for perl 5.8.0 :

Tom Horsley added that there are probably additional bugs in RedHat 8.0 Unicode handling, judging from mysterious coredumps from system libraries.

Finally, Jarkko Hietaniemi proposed a patch to fix UTF-8 enabling via locales. The LANGUAGE environment variable should not be used (as it is in 5.8.0) to enable UTF-8.

AUTOLOAD subroutines from undefined stashes

Jan Dubois reported a bug on AUTOLOADed subroutines (bug #18113, also reported previously as #17967) : AUTOLOAD is not called on packages that haven't been encountered by perl before. This used to work with perl 5.6.1, but is broken with perl 5.8.0. Gurusamy Sarathy provided a fix.

goto considered harmful in __DIE__ handlers

Peter Scott reported an interesting behavior : when using a magical goto to exit from a __DIE__ handler, one could generate an infinite loop :

    $SIG{__DIE__} = sub { goto &foo };
    sub foo { print "foo\n"; die "rethrow" }
    die "throw";

Whether it's actually a bug is open to discussion.

B::* adjustments

Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes remarked that B::Concise doesn't handle well the new // and //= operators (bug #18175). Stephen McCamant sent a fix, but a similar problem on other B:: modules (at least B::Terse) should be fixed as well.

Tied hashes in boolean context

Bug #18186 was already reported as #17718 : one can't test the emptyness of a tied hash by using it in scalar context. Yitzchak points out that it's difficult to fix, and explains why. Mark-Jason Dominus proposed an alternative solution (a HASHSIZE method), which was already suggested a while back by Rick Delaney, and rejected at this time.

In brief

Autrijus Tang reported that uc(), lc() and ucfirst() don't appear to work correctly on the right side of s///e expressions, applied on UTF-8 strings. Strangely, this bug (#18107) doesn't affect lcfirst().

Mark Pease found a problem on offset calculations in regular expressions (bug #18154) and offered a patch.

Nicholas Clark proposed to replace the current implementation of the makefile target regen_headers by a perl script, which he provided.

Rafael Garcia-Suarez asked why DESTROY is called in scalar context (and proposed a patch to have it called in void context), and faced Warnock's dilemma.

Abhijit Menon-Sen and Slaven Rezic fixed a problem with the .. operator, that didn't handle well some cases where the operands were strings ("-4".."0" and "-4\n".."0\n"). (bugs #18114 and #18165.)

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