This Week on perl5-porters (15-21 September 2003)

This Week on perl5-porters (15-21 September 2003)

Those weeks, the perl 5 porters are in maintenance mood. Or in maintenance mode, if you prefer. Read about the progress made in the 5.8.x and 5.6.x branches.

A strange error case in bleadperl

Stas Bekman posted a code snippet that produces the fatal error Modification of a read-only value attempted with bleadperl, but not with perl versions <= 5.8.1. (Filed as bug #23803.) It can be reduced to :

    for("a") { for $x (1,2) { local $_="b"; s/(.*)/+$1/ } }

This was the consequence of a previous bug fix. Rafael explained that in perl 5.9.0, any attempt at changing the value of a localized readonly magic scalar will fail with this error. Before, it used to silently do nothing, and the assignment $_="b" was a no-op : this could lead to difficult and well-hidden bugs. In bleadperl, readonlyness of magical scalars is now preserved when localisation occurs.

But, will you say, where is the magic in the above snippet ? In fact, it appears that the substitution s/(.*)/+$1/ adds some magic to the scalar stored in $_. This kind of magic is used internally by the regular expression engine. Thus, one can say that the behaviour reported by Stas is an unfortunate side-effect of the implementation of regular expressions.

Configure and gcc 3.4

Enache Adrian, watchful on the portability front, forwards a mail from the gcc development mailing list. A change in gcc's behaviour in the 3.4 development branch leads to breaking perl's Configure script ; more precisely, it breaks the way Configure tests for the existence of a function in the standard library.

This was followed by a scary C wizardry thread. Enache provided a fix.

In Brief

Jarkko Hietaniemi released several snapshots of perl 5.8.1. The next release candidate approaches. Extensive tests have been done with mod_perl 1 and 2, and this uncovered several problems, both in mod_perl and in perl.

Speaking about snapshots, Rafael released one of perl 5.6.2. It's OK on a large number of platforms ; adjustments are needed on Mac OS X and Cygwin at least. Rafael incremented the version number, so it reports itself as being 5.6.2.

The bulk of the discussion focused on portability on various platforms -- mainly the non-Unix ones, VMS, OS/2, Windows and Cygwin. Peter Prymmer reported that perl now looks good on VMS 7.3-1, with no regression test failing.

Ilya Zakharevich and Yves Orton reported a few bugs in Test::Harness.

Stas Bekman noticed that with perl 5.8.1, if a socket gets closed by the server while printing to it, the client gets a SIGPIPE. It wasn't happening in perl 5.8.0 or earlier. (This is considered a feature, not a bug.)

Michael Schwern released version 2.03, which fixes an obscure (and ancient) bug on attribute inheritance, when an intermediate class has no fields.

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