This Week on perl5-porters (24-30 November 2003)

This Week on perl5-porters (24-30 November 2003)

A quiet week for the Perl 5 porters, but some threads are worth noting. Notably, I have now a reason to mention Leon Brocard in the summary without appealing to any running joke.

New Pumpking crowned

Leon Brocard is now the pumpking for the 5.005xx maintainance branch of perl. The plan for 5.00504 is roughly the same than the plan for 5.6.2 : build fixes for new platforms.

sprintf and long doubles

Ilya Zakharevich's patch to speed up sprintf() with floating point values and a fixed number of digits was found to cause a different result than perl's regular sprintf() with a perl configured with long doubles. Rafael disabled part of the optimization in this case.

DynaLoader and PAR

Edward S. Peschko proposed a patch to DynaLoader to store the names of the shared object files loaded by perl. As he says, it's intended for use with PAR (for run time detection of shared objects rather than compile time analysis).

Rafael points out a little problem -- the array storing file names should be :shared among threads -- an another one, due to the fact that the shared object files loaded via XSLoader aren't recorded here either. Nick Ing-Simmons gives an alternative way to get the file names from the module names given in @DynaLoader::dl_modules.


A patch by Fergal Daly to implement

    use Exporter ´import';

was applied ; this allows a package to get Exporter's import() method without all the fuss of inheriting from Exporter.

Clarifications about closures

Glenn Linderman asked some questions about lexical variables, pragmas, eval() and closures. Dave Mitchell, while noting that the current documentation needs to be completed, provided some insight.

In Brief

Mike Pomraning proposed a patch to add a new, optional second parameter to threads::shared::cond_wait(), to be used as a separate lock variable.

Shlomi Fish finds that perl's core documentation is of poor quality, compared to the online documentation for other languages. He wants to start a project to improve them. This starts a long thread, probably due to the irritating manner he sometimes has to state things.

Test::Harness 2.38 was integrated in bleadperl. It provides a new standalone prove utility, to run tests against Test::Harness.

Just in time for the summary, Nicholas Clark released a snapshot of maintperl, Sunday at 23:59 +0000.

POSIX::isalpha(undef) (and the other isXXX() functions) segfault, as of perl 5.8.2 (bug #24554). Sadahiro Tomoyuki provided a fix.

Christmas in advance for the bug admins

Thanks to Robert Spier, perlbug has been updated to the latest version of Request Tracker, RT 3.

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