This Week on perl5-porters (21-27 June 2004)

This Week on perl5-porters (21-27 June 2004)

Summer is here, and it's vacation time for the Perl 5 porters. Well, except for the valorous maint pumpking, who just released a snapshot of perl 5.8.5-to-be.

cat, pipe, perl

Nicholas Clark finds that doing a simple pipe :

    cat | perl

on his system produces the trange error message, cat: stdin: Resource temporarily unavailable. After some investigation he decides it's probably a FreeBSD 5 threading bug.

Regexp bug, fixed

Jeff Pinyan found and fixed a regular expression bug: character ranges are not computed correctly with \p and \P.

In Brief

Edward Peschko remarks that tieing a hash which is already populated with some values erases those values. Nicholas Clark explains that tie() isn't actually destroying the values, but merely hiding them. Once the hash untied, the original data is still there.

David R.Schulte experiments that sometimes, taint error messages are emitted for a whole conditional expression, even though only a unused part of the expression is actually tainted. (bug #30461.)

Ken Williams released Cwd 2.18.

Patch of the month

Paul Fenwick proposed a patch to make sort() play nethack when it's called in scalar context.

Last minute

Nicholas released a snapshot of maintperl, just before the code freeze for perl 5.8.5. Testers most welcome.

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