This Month on perl5-porters (1-24 September 2004)

This Month on perl5-porters (1-24 September 2004)

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|| and && returning lvalues

Japhy wondered if || and && might be made to return lvalues, so that you could do

  ($name && $age && $gender) = $_;

Tassilo von Parseval noted a trick with anonymous refs:

  ${\($name && $age && $gender)} = $_;

However, Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes warned that this bit of magic shouldn't be relied on, because it only works with simple scalars by chance.

Assignments inside lists misbehave

Emil Jerabek reported this bug (#31403):

  perl -e '@a = (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); @b = (@a, (@a = (8, 9))); print "@b\n"'
  8 9 8 9 8 8 9

Dave Mitchell said this is unfixable due to the "for efficiency, Perl does not reference count items pushed on the stack" problem. Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wondered, on the other hand, if refcounting the stack might actually increase efficiency.

+= and ++ do different things under 'use integer' (bug #6021)

  use integer;
  $i = 0xffffffff; $i++;     # $i == 4294967296
  $i = 0xffffffff; $i += 1;  # $i == 0

Dave Mitchell said that pre/post ++ ops upgrade to NV, whereas += remains an IV. He proposed adding integer-specific ++/-- ops, which everyone agreed wasn't appropriate for maint, with Nicolas Clark adding that "0x7fffffff + 1 under use integer is nasal demons".

Fields mishandling private attributes

Jean Flouret noticed (bug #31078) that fields ignores private fields that are declared after public ones. While Dave Mitchell fixed this in 5.8.X, he found that "the 5.9.X restricted hash technique" causes run-time errors when manipulating private fields.

Named anonymous subroutines

Ovid pointed out a trick to name anonymous subroutines:

  my $method = sub { local *__ANON__ = '__ANON__method'; ... };

There wasn't really a concensus on whether or not it should even be documented, as it doesn't always work and likely won't exist in perl6.

Matching of backreferences to non-matched captures

Hugo highlighted the following problem (bug #3589). Whereas


necessarily matches 'a' or 'XaX' (for all X matching like '.'), when you move the '?' outside of the inner parentheses,


it's not clear what \2 should match when (.)? doesn't match:

empty string (as when ? is inside the parens)
last-captured value (as in 5.6.0)
nothing (5.6.1 onward)

though people seemed to lean toward the 3rd one.

In brief

Nathan Zook identified a bug (#31421) with leap years in Time::Local. There was discussion about the _nocheck versions of timelocal and timegm, their intent being to improve performance, not to make Time::Local a date math module (for which, see CPAN).

Steve Hay, Artiom, and Ken Fox negotiated to add an environment variable, PERL_ALLOW_NON_IFS_LSP, to work around a conflict between a McAfee firewall and an LSP patch to win32 sockets.

Steve Hay was lost in a forest of #defines but managed to produce a patch to fix chsize/ftruncate configuration on systems with no chsize (or ftruncate), such as Cygwin.

Craig Berry added configuration support on VMS to allow unlink to delete all versions of a file.

Tels followed up with benchmarks of Math::BigInt which show that it's about two orders of magnitude slower than Perl. Still needs to benchmark it with XS.

Yves Orton illustrated (see bug #30966) how File::Spec::Win32's path function should handle quotes in PATH strings. reported (bug #31521) that passing a '%.2f' format to sv_vcatpvfn gives a bogus result. Hugo ( found that the problem occurs due to the 'special-case "%.<number>[gf]"' section in sv_vcatpvfn, and manifests itself from C code but not from Perl code, and he recommended that the special case be removed.

Marcus Holland-Moritz analyzed SvOK_off's return value and simplified by putting a void cast in SvOOK_off rather than the 38 places where it's called from.

Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes submitted a patch to avoid unneeded lstats in glob.

Dan Kogai noticed that multiline UTF-16 scripts are broken, prompting Jarkko Hietaniemi to quote a story from gnat about yylex, tattoos, lipstick, and someone named Yuri.

Dave Mitchell made an executive decision to fix sv_upgrade so that it sets the AVf_REAL flag. In this case, bug #30066, it fixed a memory leak with nested shared data structures in threads, but not setting the flag had also caused other problems in the past.

YAPC::EU took place in Belfast, Ireland. (Among other things, I heard that they had an auction to decide that next year's hosts' tshirt "color" be fishnet.)


Dan Kogai released Encode 2.02 (upgrade of big5-hkscs).

Ken Williams released Module::Build 0.25_3 beta, File::Spec 0.90, and Cwd 2.21.

Pavel Fedin ported Perl 5.6.1 to MorphOS.


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