This Week on perl5-porters (Oct 18-31 2004)

This Week on perl5-porters (Oct 18-31 2004)

Using newspeak to redefine a week.

No DESTROY for the wicked coderefs (bug #32024)

DESTROY doesn't get called on non-closure anonymous subroutines because the CV is shared, but this won't be fixed because of performance reasons.

This was discussed before:

err and backwards compatibility

Michael Schwern and Robert Spier brought up how the new err keyword in 5.10 hasn't been properly deprecated. Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes claimed err is a second-class keyword, while Rafael Garcia-Suarez claimed it was not. Hm..

is_tainted in 5.8

Stas Bekman suggested an improvement of the is_tainted subroutine offered in perldoc perlsec for testing whether a variable contains tainted data. He found that for some reason it was necessary to

  use warnings FATAL => 'all';

to prevent compile-time errors from the eval.

Chained goto &sub drops data too early (bug #32039)

Henrik Gulbrandsen spotted that patch 22373 in 5.8.4, which was put in place to fix the @_s in recursive gotos, now causes @_ to be dropped in chained gotos. Dave Mitchell's new solution is to "transfer the reifiedness of the old @_ to the new @_ then ditch the old @_".

Optimization idea

David Nicol wondered if

   my $name = 'david';
   return "hello my name is $name";

could be optimized with

   return "hello my name is david";

Elizabeth Mattijsen, for one, doubted this would be worth it because of the complexity of checking when the optimization could be done.

perldoc -f for ops (bug #27886)

Dan Jacobson dreamed of a world where perldoc -f = returns documentation on the = operator. I think everyone's thought of this at some point, though it might be better to "ask not what your perldoc can do for you, ask what you can do for your perldoc".

Encode::utf8::decode_xs does not check partial chars

Bjoern Hoehrmann convinced Dan Kogai that

  my $x = "Bj\xF6rn"; # as well as "Bj\xF6r" and "Bj\xF6"
  decode("utf-8", $x, Encode::FB_CROAK);

should croak but wasn't. See

and I think also bug #32080

Perl doesn't support RAII

Anders Johnson submitted four patches for RAII in Perl. Quoth he: "The central idea of the patches that I submitted is to block (defer) signal handlers inside the DESTROY call. That way, you can arrange for signal handlers to die() without having to worry that the exception won't get propagated."

Link from John Peacock on RAII (not to be confused with the RIAA):

In brief

Steve Peters, sedulous bee that he be, commented on at least a dozen ancient bugs, presumably with the intent of clearing them out.

Nicolas Clark said in a couple threads that he doesn't intend to upgrade MakeMaker in maint because versions after 6.17 have bugs with core perl.


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