This month on perl5-porters - August 2006

This month on perl5-porters - August 2006

"Insistent rumors claim that we used to have Perl compilable with C++ -- I doubt it a bit, given the kind of problems I found when doing this latest cleanup work." -- Jarkko Hietaniemi, having now found a new wall against which to bang his head.

Topics of Interest

Perl 5.9.4 is out

Rafael Garcia-Suarez posted the first draft of the delta that explained all the new goodies in the latest development release of Perl, 5.9.4.


He made a number of changes based on feedback received.

  perl594delta (take two)

And after a second round of feedback, managed to push the tarball out the hatch.

  Perl 5.9.4 is out

Define PERL_NO_DEV_RANDOM on Windows

Alex Davies noticed that perl attempts to look for /dev/urandom on Win32 platforms, even though that file does not exist. And worse, you can create it, thereby subverting Perl's randomness. Steve Peters fixed that up.

  Have you in fact got any cheese here at all?

IBM z/OS Unix source code fixes

Jarkko Hietaniemi wrapped up his heroic endeavour to merge the code changes that IBM programmers made to a copy of Perl, circa 5.8.7, to blead. He announced he was stepping down, having left a couple of parts of the patch unapplied, and explained why. He invited the IBM programmers to continue the good work, to have Perl running on z/OS.

  I hear the roar of a big machine

ops needed for [] and {}

Nicholas Clark discovered that a lot of work (lots of ops) are needed to build a single lousy anonymous hash or array, and wondered if there wasn't a more efficient way of of making one. He came up with a patch to change the behaviour (bonus JFDI points to Nicholas) that simultaneously slimmed down the op-tree, and doesn't break the test suite. And naturally enough, he wanted to know whether people thought this was a good idea.

Jim Cromie ran a few benchmarks and found some measurable improvements.

  Special ops

C99 is not compilable ... where?

Dropping in from Parrot, Chip Salzenberg wanted to know if any porters knew of a platform far, far away that did not have a C99-capable compiler.

Nicholas Clark mentioned gcc, for starters. Andy Dougherty had some good advice. Tony Cook pointed out that Microsoft don't seem very interested in providing support for C99 features, unless they happen to also be C++-compatible. Chip said some naughty words.

  Just about everywhere else

Ponie has been put out to pasture

Jesse Vincent announced the end of the Ponie project, the migration of the Perl 5 core to use the Parrot VM. A number of other techniques are currently under development to have Perl 5 code running inside Perl 6, and much good came out of the project in terms of clean-ups to the code base.

  They shoot horses, don't they?

Patches of Interest

Numerous small patches that were applied quietly without fuss, or withdrawn by the author are not included in this section (it's big enough as it is).

Patching for g++

Jarkko Hietaniemi checked in a large body of work to make the code base compile with g++, the GNU C++ compiler.

First some g++ goodness for Tru64

And then a large patch for everyone, which nearly almost works, but significant smoking will be required, if only to get the kinks ironed out on some of the more common platforms.

At this point, Jarkko rolled up a patch that succeeded as getting as far as completing make perl, although x2p and a few extensions don't build. Steve Peters carried the baton and tidied up a few of the easier modules, although a couple needed more thought.

Jarkko then puzzled for a bit over how to get C linkage back out again at the end of it, so that things would work as before. All this fuss made him suspect that the source probably never was compilable with a C++ compiler. Still, it might in the near future.

He even managed to make x2p work.


Adding X<> tags to the documentation

Gabor Szabo delivered some patches to add X<> tags (for indexing) to the core documentation and also snuck in a few stylistic changes while no-one was looking (although it warranted a comment from Rafael).




More portability pitfalls for perlhack

Jarkko jotted down some more nuggets of wisdom acquired over the years of doing battle with unfriendly compilers.

  Here be dragons

Silence format and comparison warnings in perlio.c, pp.c and regcomp.c

Robin Barker sent in a patch to silence many warnings of signed/unsigned mismatches. Hooray! Applied.

  ttys everywhere rejoiced

Detecting bad /dev/nulls in Configure

Michael Cummings, from Gentoo, proposed a patch to make Configure smarter about /dev/null, which may not always be configured correctly, especially in chrooted environments, and by the time this causes a problem, the build may already be quite some way down the track (and thus the original cause of the error may be hard to diagnose. "Missing Separator" errors may not seem crystal clear. Alexey Toptygin proposed a tweak. A new patch was proposed. Unapplied.

  Go directly to jail

Watching the smoke signals

Smoke [5.9.4] 28730 FAIL(F) OSF1 V5.1 (EV6/4 cpu)

Things in lib/strict.t, lib/subs.t and t/run/fresh_perl.t seemed to be going pear-shaped, but appeared to be a Heisenbug, since Jarkko wasn't able to reproduce the errors manually.

Smoke [5.9.4] 28736 FAIL(F) OSF1 V5.1 (EV6/4 cpu)

The pain persisted, so in the morning, Jarkko went to the ice-rink to see if Dave Mitchell was around. Nicholas Clark made the connection to the work on plugging leaks on unevaluable code, realising that that may be causing problems here. Dave professed to not having many tuits at the moment.

New and old bugs from RT

*FILE{IO} does not behave like *FILE for stat() and -X() operators (#8244)

Andy Dougherty revived an old bug that rose to the surface after a Coverity scan. Rafael applied a quick fix.

isa cache leaks into and out of Safe compartments (#39887)

Rafael asked for some test cases to draw the bug out into the open, where it may more easily be stamped out.

  Here buggy buggy

B::Deparse double do (#40055)

Nicholas Clark wondered why do{} was deparsed as do[ do{} }. Rick Delaney provided the fix.

  Deep do do

UTF-8 keys in a tied hash cause warning (#40067)

Apparently not so much a bug as an unsupported feature.

  It's always done that

Memory leak in Perl_newPMOP() under USE_ITHREADS (#40077)

A discussion at Perlmonks revealed a ref-counting memory leak. No takers.

perlfaq6 example is wrong: pull out lines between two patterns (#40084)

Max Maischein saw a flaw in a perlfaq example (where the two patterns appear on different lines). The only fix he could think of involved the arcane m??. Rick Delaney offered a suggestion.

  This question frequently asked?

Data::Dumper with Sortkeys performs incomplete hash traversal (#40088)

Peter S. Shenkin provided a short snippet showing how a hash would be not be completely traversed when the Sortkeys setting was active (but the example was using each too). And it appears fixed in 5.8.8 anyway.

  ENOTABUG, I assume

File::Spec->case_tolerant() should return true on Cygwin (#40103)

G. Paulissen explained why this should be so. No takers.

Using wrong case on module should warn (#40131)

Ben Tilly suggested that a warning should be issued if a module is specified with incorrect capitalisation (on a filesystem with case-insensitive semantics), reasoning that while use Strict might work Here, it certainly won't work There.

Rafael noted that it turns out that there used to be such a warning, but it was removed because of false positives.

  Can't please everyone, all the time

Perl 5 Errors on Windows 2003 (#40134)

Steve Hay awarded Subba Valisetty a golden crown for have filed the most utterly useless bug report ever[TM]. Nicholas Clark was gentler, and offered a pointer to a tutorial on how to file good bug reports.


Problem compiling perl 5.9.3 (#40141)

Pierre posted an excerpt of a failing compilation (pp_sys.c dying an agonising death). Steve Hay asked for the output of the myconfig script.

warnings::warnif is sometimes ignored (#40144)

Wiles showed how to make warnings::warnif misbehave. No takers.

make fails for perl 5.8.8 build on AIX5.3 (#40155)

Graham Stokes was having compiling 5.8.8 for AIX 5.3. Fortunately, he was smart enough to supply myconfig. Steve Hay suggested using ld (linker) from the GNU binutils package, rather than AIX's ld. Andy Dougherty also provided some advice on fixing locale warnings.

ccversion fix for HP/UX (#40161)

An anonymous porter, possibly using the HP testdrive facility, filed a fix for the HP/UX hints file. Applied.

Problem join()ing threads (#40168)

Jonathan Geisler had a problem with threads, that Jerry D. Hedden thought was probably fixed in the latest versions of threads available on CPAN, and made a couple of suggestions to the code as posted. Johnathon thanked him for the courtesy, and pointed out that one of the snippets in question was lifted directly from perlthrtut.

  So that's the bug

Unable to use DProf with threads (#40170)

Jonathan also joined the long list of people who had found limitations with Devel::DProf in its current incarnation. Any takers?

  A call to tuits

Solaris: BEGIN and exec, fork, system or open(|-,-|) (#40190)

Gary Vollink discovered some Solaris wackiness, involving use warnings FATAL => 'all', systems and/or backticks failing, and code blocks then being evaluated and executed twice (when once would be ample).

Nicholas Clark remembered this emergent behaviour cropping up in other contexts, and thought that it was something to do with the Unix file descriptor being diddled in the parent when the child dies.

  Solaris: you are awful, but I like you

grep autovivifies hash elements (#40194)

Marc Lehmann wondered why grepping a value against a hash key causes the hash key to spring into existence. David Nicol thought that Marc should have been using exists. chromatic supplied a much clearer pair of snippets to show what Marc was trying to get at. And yes, it's quite counter-intuitive, broken, and nearly impossible to fix. David still had trouble understanding, and Benjamin Carter (who writes from a domain with a most excellent name) explained in more detail about aliasing of $_ and the creation or not of hash keys.

  Weird science

Small typo in perlxstut man page (#40197)

Ville Koskinen explained the difference between ensure and insure. Applied.

UTF-16 and regular expressions causes compilation failure (#40203)

Ian Goodacre had a problem with regular expressions trying to match characters coming out of a UTF-16-encoded file, specifically, an unrecognised BOM 7061. No takers.

<> as glob in scalar context and interpolated variables (#40213)

Dakkar filed a report about using <> as a glob in scalar context and interpolated variables and how iterators were not reset and even added a test case. No takers. Perhaps the fact that the test was tarred and bzipped scared away potential fixers.

SelfLoader::croak doesn't protect $@ from being clobbered by require (#40216)

Bo Lindbergh filed a bug report so clear that Adriano Ferreira felt that he could fix it. So he did. Applied.

'reserved' warning not working (#40227)

Jerry D. Hedden discovered a problem with use warnings 'reserved' not working correctly. Rafael made an oblique explanation as to why, but I was not able to determine whether he was pointing out that the error was in Jerry's test case or in Perl.

They both seemed to understand each other, for an additional patch later on got things sorted out.

New hints file for MidnightBSD (#40239)

Lucas Holt tweaked the FreeBSD hints file, to derive a new hints file that allows perl 5.8.8 to build successfully on MidnightBSD. Unapplied.

  Another platform added to the roster

PerlIO::scalar doesn't know how to truncate (#40241)

Bo Lindbergh wanted truncate to work on strings. Rafael looked at the implementation and saw that it only works for file handles at the moment. Any takers?

  Your chance for fame and glory

Math::BigInt silently drops lib argument if not available (#40242)

You can import Math::Bigint and tell it to use an underlying library to do the biginty calculations. But if you type the name incorrectly, it silently loads a couple of default libraries and never complains that anything is wrong. Andreas König thought this behaviour less than desirable. He felt that the script should die, so that the programmer could fix the error.

The problem is that if this was changed now, it might break programs of people who were living happily in ignorance that their BigInt calculations were not in fact using GMP or Pari as they had thought, but rather the default Calc and Fastcalc libraries, simply because they had accidently typed "Gimp" or "Paris".

Allen Smith felt that since this was the first time in four years that someone had questioned the existing behaviour, it maybe wasn't so bad after all. Tels offered a snippet of sanity checking boilerplate to do what Andreas wanted.

  You might find you get what you need

Interesting variation on 'Out of memory' (#40243)

Andreas also posted a bug on rampant memory usage, that can be slimmed down by using temporaries, which in turn allows the garbage collector to fire off more readily, keeping consumption to a minimum.

Perl5 Bug Summary

Around 21 new tickets were created this month, and alas, only 8 were closed, bringing the current total to 1519. Hopefully after the summer lull Steve will be able to get that figure down under 1500 again. And if a couple of people pitched in to help, we could bring it down lower, and faster.

  Over to you

New Core Modules

In Brief

Rich Rauenzahn suggested a tweak to determining the HP-UX compiler version in the Policy file.

Nicholas Clark posted a long reply about the difference between Python's and Perl's threads, and why Perl's threads are unlikely to mesh nicely with a CORBA implementation.

Brendan O'Dea, from the world of debian, wondered whether what was wrong with setlocale() was an implementation or a documentation problem.

Alexandre Jousset wrote in to explain how to cross compile Perl for the TomTom GO 910. Rafael updated a config file to take account of the information.

  Is that a telephone or an MP3 player?

Even though he's left us, we are not forgotten. Andy Lester CC'ed the list on his essay about why consting is good.

Ben Morrow suggested adding all keywords to perlfunc. And rather just moaning about how nice it would be, actually sent in the patch that documented a slew of things, like can, DESTROY and so forth. Unapplied, but it has certain merits.

Marc Lehmann uncovered a way to make perl with -DPERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV dump core. Nicholas wasn't sure of the reason.

Gerard Goossen came up with a test case for a substr with lvalue refcount increment bug, but no-one was sure what to do about it. At least, Dave Mitchell didn't know.

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