Perl 5.8.5 Release Announcement

The Perl 5 developer team is pleased to announce the Perl Release 5.8.5, the fifth maintenance release of Perl 5.8.

md5sums for the tarballs:
9db6be76aa275f415d75c224ad1d4029 perl-5.8.5.tar.bz2
49baa8d7d29b4a9713c06edeb81e6b1b perl-5.8.5.tar.gz

5.8.5 is a maintenance release for perl 5.8, incorporating various minor bugfixes and optimisations. Please see the perldelta for the full details. Please report bugs using the perlbug utility. If the build or regression tests fail, make nok. If the build fails to early to run this, please mail perlbug at directly.

This is a source code release, not a binary release. You will need a C development environment to build the sources. Binary releases will be made available by various vendors. To build and install Perl, and to find out how to report problems, please read the INSTALL file, and any relevant README.platform file. As specified in the licenses for Perl (see the files named Artistic or Copying), THIS PACKAGE IS PROVIDED WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. As always, you should conduct an appropriate level of testing before using any new product in your production environment.

The perldelta, which describes the most important changes for this release is available in the source distribution. Also see the Perl 5.8.4 announcement, or find much more about Perl.

-- Nicholas Clark, on behalf of the Perl5 Porters, 2004-07-21