Perl 5.9.1 released

Perl 5.9.1 released

The Perl 5 developer team is pleased to announce the release of perl 5.9.1, the second development release of perl 5.9, incorporating developments towards the next major stable version of perl, perl 5.10.

It is available from the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network as

Its MD5 checksum is 9bb570676dccf0d02faea99df9e6480c and its size is 11995887 bytes.

The perl591delta document outlines the changes between perl 5.9.0 and perl 5.9.1. It can be found at:

(The changes between perl 5.8.0 and perl 5.9.0 are summarized in the perl590delta.pod document.)

Please note that this is a development version, and not a stable release. It is provided for testing and experimentation purposes only, and must NOT be used in production environments.

This is a source code release, not a binary release. You will need a C development environment to build the sources. To build and install Perl, and to find out how to report problems, please read the INSTALL file, and any relevant README.<platform> file.

As specified in the licences for Perl (see the files named Artistic or Copying), THIS PACKAGE IS PROVIDED WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.